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Remarkable Results Radio Podcast - Carm Capriotto, AAP 11th September 2018
RR 361: Scott and Michael Waddle. Owner and Prodigy. Father and Son.
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RR 361: Scott and Michael Waddle. Owner and Prodigy. Father and Son.

Scott Waddle started Precision Auto Service in 1997 after working as a mechanic/technician at several independent repair shops in Metro Vancouver. Knowing the repair business was in need of a modern, customer service oriented option for Langley residents, Scott believed that there was a better method. Over 20 years later, we are still growing every year.

Precision Auto Service has been Providing Safe, Reliable transportation to Langley and Aldergrove residents for over fifteen years. We are a locally owned independent automotive repair and service facility committed to the community we live in. All our staff lives in Langley, Surrey or Abbotsford, just like our clients. Find out more about Scott’s episodes HERE.

Michael Waddle is Scott’s gifted son. He helps out at the shop during the summer and works a lot on their website. He is a Tire Technician, Shop Maintenance, and IT Support. He has made an app which calculates EV Charge time. It is provided below. He also facilitates the improvement of their website and helps their customers innovate especially in App Creation. A fan-submitted app is linked below. Find out more about Michael’s episodes HERE.


Key Talking Points

  • Scott is nurturing Michael as a son and team member.
  • Michael is 15 years old.
  • Started at shop 3 years ago clocking in and out.
  • Works on his car at home and at the shop.  
  • In shop creates work orders, and does light duty work like TPMS troubleshooting, air filters, light bulbs, system networking, and software. Along with spreadsheets, invoices, inventory,  website, and the occasional extra set of hands.
  • Michael has passion is for the changing new technology- electric cars, hybrid, autonomous cars. Wants to continue to learn and grow with it because it is our future.
  • Helped set up and work a booth show for Electric Vehicle Association.
  • Only shop in western Canada that handles hybrid battery reconditioning/replacement.
  • Attended ATE twice. Took hybrid vehicle class this year (2018).
  • Created Apps for hybrid voltages and oil change calculator, loyalty points for customer/ payment, electric vehicle charging time calculator  
  • Future for Michael:
    • Unsure of where he wants to go or what he wants to do yet.
    • Scott is giving him freedom for to choose his future

A special thanks to Scott and Michael Waddle for sharing their stories.

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Precision Auto Service Website

Precision Auto Service Fan-Submitted APP

EV Charge Time Calculator

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