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Season 06 - Episode 2 Syndicate Wine and Guerilla Wine Co
Episode 218th February 2023 • Wine Crush Podcast - OR • Wine Crush Podcast - OR
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In this episode we chat with Dave, the owner of Syndicate Wine, a boutique wine shop located in both Beaverton and Newberg Oregon. Dave shares his passion for wine, his love for the communities they serve, and the story behind the name "Syndicate Wine." We learn what makes Syndicate Wine different amongst other bottle shops. As well as, that Syndicate has their own line of wine and a unique wine club! Throughout the conversation, we get a sense of the warmth and hospitality of both Dave and his wife Angela and the love they have for the community. We're left feeling inspired to visit Syndicate Wine and experience their exceptional wines and hospitality for ourselves!

Next up we're joined by Michael and Marielle, the owners of Guerrilla Wine Company. They share their journey of starting a winery in the heart of the pandemic, and the challenges they faced along the way. From navigating local regulations to finding the right vineyards to source their grapes from, Michael and Marielle talk about the dedication and hard work it takes to bring their vision to life. They also discuss their unique winemaking approach, which focuses on producing small-batch, handcrafted wines that showcase the terroir of the region. They share their philosophy on winemaking and their passion for creating truly exceptional wines. If you're a wine lover or someone interested in the world of small business and entrepreneurship, you won't want to miss this episode. Tune in to hear Michael and Marielle's inspiring story and learn more about the art of winemaking.