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Conversations for Change - Dolphin Kasper EPISODE 1, 25th September 2019
Episode #1 - Conversations for Change with Tina Overbury
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Episode #1 - Conversations for Change with Tina Overbury

Story coach and professional listener, Tina Overbury, joins Dolphin to talk about what it means to be called, how we can find our way in a life full of distractions and what it means to live our best story. Tina's work has spanned marketing and sales, to personal development and empowerment and is now reaching into the space of core story. The very origin of our greatest purpose. She spends her time supporting others in rediscovering the listening required to hear "the call" and to head what we find there so we can move in our lives and in the world knowing we are living our deepest reason for being.

Tina shares insights and stories from her journey and her and Dolphin discuss some of the keys and pitfalls to such a journey and she shares about a unique and very unexpected turn her life has taken recently that has her facing in a completely new direction for her life and is centred on Bowen Island, a few minutes from Vancouver, where she calls home. Join them and enjoy the flow of story and meaning as they discuss what we're here for and how we can find our way back to that if we've strayed away from our path.

Learn more about her work or get involved in her offerings at www.tinaolife.com!