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Spapreneur Podcast - Spapreneur Podcast EPISODE 119
Have You Set Your Goals?
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Have You Set Your Goals?

Having something to work or focus on can help if you deal with anxiety, depression, or just make things a lot clearer, because you can count your wins, blessings, or just see how freaking badass you are. On this episode of the Spapreneur podcast, Ramona is digging into her 20 for 2020 list and giving some great advice and suggestions for your own 20 for 2020 list. We encourage all spa owners and businesses to please make a list like this - even if it is a few items. It’s not too late!

Topics Mentioned 

  • Take time to think about your resolutions in 2020
  • Introspective examination 
  • Ramona’s 20 for 20 review 

Resources Mentioned