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Back on Hinge, putting yourself out there and life with ADHD
Episode 53rd October 2022 • My So Called Healing • Brooke Collins & Anna King
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Today's episode caught us up on Anna's ever-evolving dating life! After her experience with Expidating she finds herself back unhinged on the hinge app, except this time with more mindfulness about potential dates. The most important part of this for us is sharing experiences to help other women feel less alone and putting yourself out there is hard, but, it's worth it if you connect with the right people.

Self-love and acceptance is a struggle most women face in their lifetimes and dating seem to really test how we feel about ourselves. It's important to focus on finding contentment in solitude and knowing the difference between needing to be with someone for fear of being alone and wanting to be with someone to add value and joy to your life.

Next we hit women and ADHD as a topic and the undiagnosed statistics. Struggling with ADHD and not knowing it is in fact not depression or anxiety or hormones is important and so is making sure you are your own health advocate when talking to Drs. about the symptoms or struggles you face. You are not alone..

Of course, we add our unique perspectives to these topics for a conversation that is eh pretty decent. If you enjoyed this week's episode don't forget to hit subscribe, share with someone who you think will like it, and leave a review! Every review helps the show! Don't forget to head to our website and subscribe to stay in the know!

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Brooke & Anna