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Marketing Funnels - A Precious Gift - Tales Of Marketing Transformation #005
Episode 719th March 2019 • Tales of Marketing Transformation • Dr Jürgen Strauss
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Are you confused by the complex nature of marketing funnels?

You've probably heard of them and read a lot of information describing details of the steps of a marketing funnel and all the nuts and bolts of setting them up within automated systems.

At a structural level, a marketing funnel is a way of breaking down the customer journey from discovering you, all the way through a series of steps to when they decide to buy your product or service. And if we understand that structure, we can apply this to our relationships and focus on making marketing human, rather than on the nuts and bolts of the tools people use to automate marketing funnels.

Did you know, that marketing is NOT JUST a department or function within your business, but it is a journey? A journey that you guide your ideal client through, as they progress from the stage of "who are you?" through to "know" through "like" to "trust". That in a nutshell is the marketing journey, some refer to this as a marketing funnel.

Today, I explore the structure of marketing funnels in the context of human marketing.

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