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Electrifying your farm equipment: a conversation with Reid Allaway
Episode 3612th January 2023 • The Organic BC Podcast • Organic BC
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This episode: an inspiring conversation with Reid Allaway of Ferme Tournesol about his years-long commitment to electrifying various internal-combustion-powered machinery around his co-operative farm. There's a lot of useful information in here for those who want to follow Reid's lead, including the successful transition to an electrified cube van that costs the farm $5 in electricity for every delivery run!

Also: a BC-based farmer responds to a questionnaire about the impacts of climate change on his farm.

Reid mentions:

The DIY Electric Farmer group on Facebook

DIY Electric Car

Reid's Youtube page

Enless Sphere

This episode of the Organic BC Podcast was funded by The BC Ministry of Agriculture and Food.




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