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Mentorship, Skills, and ServiceNow: Chuck Tomasi's Career Navigation
Bonus Episode23rd November 2023 • Beyond the Title: Conversations with ServiceNow's Elite • Farrah Wells
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In this episode, we welcome Chuck Tomasi who is a well-known figure in the ServiceNow community, recognised for his expertise and contributions to the field. He is particularly noted for his role in education and community engagement around ServiceNow. Chuck Tomasi is associated with creating informative content, including podcasts, videos, and blog posts, which help users and developers better understand and utilise ServiceNow's capabilities. His work is characterized by a deep understanding of ServiceNow's technical aspects and a passion for sharing knowledge, which makes him a respected and influential member of the ServiceNow community.

Navigating the Tech Seas: Chuck's Compass of Knowledge

Chuck's passion for knowledge-sharing and community engagement is second to none.. Chuck unveils his content creation journey, detailing the evolution from notes and documentation to impactful blog posts, videos, and podcasts. He underscores the power of social media for self-promotion without veering into self-aggrandizement.

Chuck delves into the theme of resilience, sharing valuable lessons from his own career. Routine, self-assessment, and a positive mindset are key components, and Chuck shares personal anecdotes illustrating the importance of adaptability in the ever-changing tech landscape.

Mentorship Sails: Guiding Lights in Chuck's Career Odyssey

Mentorship takes center stage as Chuck acknowledges the transformative impact of mentors in his journey. He encourages aspiring professionals to seek mentorship and narrates personal stories of influential mentorship relationships. Chuck also unveils ServiceNow's mentorship program, providing insights into its benefits and plans for expansion.

Transitioning seamlessly, Chuck shares insights into essential skills for those entering the ServiceNow ecosystem. Communication skills and a nuanced understanding of the audience are paramount. He advocates for industry certifications, suggesting a good starting point with the Certified System Administrator (CSA).

Navigating ServiceNow's Ever-changing Seas: Chuck's Practical Wisdom

Staying current in the rapidly evolving ServiceNow landscape becomes a central theme. Chuck offers practical advice, highlighting resources such as Now Learning, the SNDev Slack channel, and community meetups. He introduces TechNow as a platform for learning about ServiceNow's latest features and updates, creating a roadmap for professionals to stay ahead.

The conversation culminates in reflections on Chuck's grounded and humble demeanor. He attributes this to self-belief, learning from mistakes, and cherishing family and friendships. Chuck imparts advice to his younger self, encouraging risk-taking, prioritizing family connections, and facing challenges with confidence.

Learn, share, and change lives - Chuck Tomasi

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