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The Merrymaker Sisters: Creating a Profitable Business Around Health & Fun WPCP: 112
8th September 2016 • The Kim Doyal Show • Kim Doyal
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This episode is brought to you by Sitelock If I could bottle up the energy of the Merrymaker Sisters I would do it in a heartbeat. I first discovered Emma & Carla Papas (aka, The Merrymaker Sisters), through Dan Norris. I had a feeling based on their name that they were going to be a blast to talk to  (which they were) and I loved what they were doing. I loved their story of getting out of dieting and how it changed their lives. They made a conscious choice to get off the merry-go-round and eat whole foods, stop pushing themselves at the gym and start enjoying their lives more. Novel idea, right? Their story into finding what was right for them (from a health perspective) really helped them shape their business in the process. Their story truly represents the saying "ignorance is bliss". They simply kept going with what was working and continued to share it. Their business continues to grow (cookbooks... a new book coming out in October! and a private membership). Emma & Carla are a huge inspiration and I know you're going to love the interview. Questions I Asked Carla & Emma Before we get into your business today, can you share what you guys were both doing before launching The Merrymaker Sisters?  I'd love to hear more about your story of getting fed up counting calories & fad diets (amen!)... where did you go to start changing things? When did you decide to take your business online? Explain what your business is all about? Your blog & content seems to be a mix of lifestyle, health and business (which I love). How has that worked with your audience? You also launched a podcast... how's that going? What are some of the ways people can work with you? What's on the horizon for The MerryMaker Sisters? What You're Going to Learn How they went from government jobs to their dream business How they came up with the brand (the name took 5 minutes) but the brand took time to grow. What Merrymaker actually means How they've allowed their interests to evolve and shift their business in the process Why they let their audience change and grow with them What allowed them to stop dieting (stepping into Paleo), feel great and start shifting into a whole food diet How they found a new way of living... and how it created a business Where to connect with The Merrymaker Sisters Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook