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Hugh Halter: An Apostle’s Journey
Episode 22117th June 2019 • Everyday Disciple Podcast • Caesar Kalinowski
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Do modern-day apostles exist? Are there still people that God sends to proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom to the lost and broken and start new movements of the gospel where the Kingdom of God touches down here on Earth?

This week on the Lifeschool Podcast, Caesar interviews his close friend, author and modern apostle, Hugh Halter. His story of restarting from scratch in a city across the country will encourage you that God is still at work establishing His kingdom. And He may just be waiting for you to join Him!

Few people seem to be willing to “risk everything” for the sake of the Gospel. My buddy Hugh Halter has done that several times while answering God’s call on his life. He really is a modern-day apostle and someone we can learn a lot from. This is a great story!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why Hugh would uproot his family from comfort and move to a broken, impoverished place.
  • The difference between “planting a church” and “planting the gospel”.
  • How a series of micro-communities connected to living as a blessing is changing a mid-western city.
  • Powerful lessons learned about trusting God when His call seems too big!

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From this episode:

“I tell people there is nothing that you can do that would make it easier to ‘gospel a city’ than to actually do what the city needs done. Instead of planning a church service, start a business. Meet the needs of a city and its people. It’s just been an amazing story of personal movement and spiritual movement with people.” ~ Hugh Halter


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