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Susan Bright – Engagement and Getting It
Episode 362nd August 2021 • Elevate.Together.Podcast. • Elevate Services
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Do the Right Thing.

This podcast episode is part of our Expert series featuring Elevate's, Steven Allen, Vice President of Get Shi*t Done, talking with Susan Bright, Global Managing Partner for Diversity and Inclusion and Responsible Business at Hogan Lovells. Susan and Steven discuss innovation, creating change, ESG, and Diversity and Inclusion.


[01:05] Susan has a passion for diversity and inclusion.


[02:53] Project Redefine became about engagement.


[04:48] When your business is performing well, it's hard to engage people to think differently to innovate.


[07:00]  Harnessing incremental change and small innovations to create BIG change.


[09:27]  Allocate work well, and you achieve many different things.


[12:52]  Diversity, inclusion, sustainability, well-being.  Focus, motivate and encourage others to get involved.


[15:57] Every boardroom is interested in ESG.   You need to have a purpose and drive change.


[19:19]  Be brave and be resilient, you're pushing boundaries - you have to keep going.