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Jack's Rampage of Revenge [Season 8, Episodes 19-24]
Episode 11730th March 2021 • 24 Faithful Podcast • Joshua Rivers
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Jack enlists Cole and kills Dana

  • Jack goes to old Special Forces friend Jim Ricker for surveillance equipment and an arsenal
  • Dana is moved to a black site by a private security firm to prevent Jack from getting to her, and to find the evidence she has against the Russians
  • Chloe sets up Jack for capture by Cole, luring him to a fake address where Dana is, but Jack sees through it and convinces Cole to help him expose the cover-up
  • They rescue Dana and go to a bank to get the evidence, but she explodes a device to subdue Cole and try to escape by calling the police on Jack
  • Jack catches up to her and kills her

Revenge for Renee

  • Jack contacts Meredith Reed so she can publish the story about the Russian involvement using Dana’s evidence
  • Pavel and his team use the meeting to trap Jack but he’s a step ahead and with Ricker capture Pavel
  • Jack realises Pavel was the one who killed Renee and tortures him, eventually slicing open his stomach to retrieve his SIM card
  • Doing this reveals to him that Logan is involved

Jack vs Logan and Suvarov

  • Jack traps Logan’s motorcade in a tunnel and takes down the Secret Service agents to kidnap Logan
  • Logan breaks easily and tells Jack that Mikhail Novakovich, the Russian Foreign Minister, is behind things
  • Jack goes to Novakovich’s hotel and kills him and his staff/security, although is wounded in the process
  • He planted a listening device on Logan (again) and overhears that Suvarov is involved too
  • Jack gets a sniper trained on Logan and ready to shoot Suvarov, but Chloe manages to talk him down before he assassinates Suvarov
  • Chloe tries to get the Logan/Suvarov audio uploaded to CTU to be sent to everyone in government and every media outlet but she’s stopped before she can

The President’s demise

  • Ethan resigns after Taylor walks back plans to pull out of the talks due to Dana’s evidence, after she has Dana taken by the private security firm
  • Taylor cedes much of the managing of the situation with Jack to Logan, albeit still being the one to make decisions in many circumstances
  • She agrees to have Logan’s role in the process made public
  • When Dalia is contacted by Meredith, she confronts Taylor about the Russian involvement, and Taylor threatens Dalia with retaliation for the day’s attacks unless she signs the peace treaty
  • When Jack is arrested and the evidence seized, she watches the video Jack made for Kim 
  • Taylor declines to sign the treaty after Suvarov and Dalia do and tries to save Jack, but she’s too late
  • Logan kills Jason Pillar and shoots himself


  • Logan’s team of mercenaries are about to kill Jack when Taylor calls and tells them to stand down
  • She tells Jack she’s withdrawn and apologies, and that they will both have to face consequences
  • Jack thanks Chloe for everything she’s done for him and she promises to protect Kim and give him time to escape