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It’s a B-Action Bonanza when we look back at this epic battle between 1984 & 1992!
23rd February 2022 • Dueling Decades • Dueling Decades
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This week, Everyone’s favorite adult-only retro game show brings you another classic clash!  On this radical replay, Marc and The Mancrush go head to head for the first time in a B-Action battle as 1984 clashes with all the B-Action of 1992!  It’s not the best and it’s not the worst, It just often gets overlooked! In this episode, we get to talk about all the kind-of-great middle-of-the-road action that we all were entertained by and have fond memories of...just not that fond. The great Dave Schultz, a real Renegade, and host of The Selling Out show is back once again as the judge with the fudge! 

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