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An Introduction to GET SEEN the Podcast
Episode 115th November 2022 • GET SEEN • Leilani Wells
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An Introduction to GET SEEN the Podcast

Episode Introduction

Welcome to the GET SEEN with Leilani Wells podcast, where we dive deep into all things visibility to help you and your business get noticed. In this episode, Leilani shares her excitement for this new platform and explains why audio communication is so powerful in conveying messages and building connections. She discusses the importance of personal interactions and how audio allows for a deeper understanding compared to written posts on social media. Leilani also highlights the focus of the podcast, which is to help entrepreneurs become more comfortable with sales, marketing, and branding while enjoying the process. Get ready to learn valuable insights that will make client acquisition a fun and fulfilling experience. Tune in now and let’s GET SEEN!

Main Topics

  • The Get Seen membership offers a range of resources and community support for entrepreneurs looking to increase visibility and grow their business.
  • The podcast will cover a variety of topics related to entrepreneurship and visibility, with a focus on finding joy and fulfillment in business.
  • Audio communication can provide a more personal and effective way to connect with clients and customers.


Connect with your Host, Leilani⬇️

Leilani is a Visibility and Marketing Strategist specializing in social media marketing, video content experiences, and getting you SEEN (both online + offline).

Using her signature visibility process (GET SEEN), she helps Innovators and Entrepreneurs amplify their visibility and become known as the go-to expert so that they can grow their impact + income.

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