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Ghanaian Cedi on Weakest Run since 1994, reports Bloomberg (Fintech Fridays #4)
Episode 17931st May 2024 • The Sound of Accra Podcast • Adrian Daniels
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On Today's Fintech Friday edition, Adrian explores the Ghanaian Cedis reaching an all time low of one pound sterling to eighteen point seventy-five Cedis (£1 to GHC 18.75 Cedis).

Bloomberg reports:

"Ghana’s cedi is in a record-breaking weakening cycle. The currency hasn’t gained versus the dollar in the past 22 trading sessions, the longest streak according to data compiled by Bloomberg going back to 1994. The cedi traded 0.3% weaker at 13.9310 by 1 p.m. in London. It’s declined 14% this year, a slump beaten only by currencies that have been devalued, including the Egyptian pound and Nigerian naira."

Dr Andrews Ayiku also writes:

"The falling cedi has made it more difficult for SMEs to function successfully and compete in the market.These enterprises frequently operate with thin profit margins and insufficient means to hedge against currency changes, making them more vulnerable to the negative effects of the cedi’s depreciation."

How the declining Cedi is impacting businesses:

  • Increased production costs
  • Credit Loan difficulty
  • Challenges with cash flow
  • Volatility in input prices
  • Decreased competitiveness in export markets
  • Inflationary pressures

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