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RPR Episode 6: Steve Tripp
Episode 61st December 2019 • Rebel Performance Radio • Rebel Performance
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Steve Tripp, owner of The Top Strength Project in Providence, Rhode Island, and all-around superhuman strength athlete joins the show today to talk all things strength training. Steve brings TONS of under the bar experience and coaching hours to the table, and we have a lot of fun jamming on training methodologies, accessory work, training your weaknesses, and the need to fall in love with the process. We also poke fun at people who break a sweat when peeling an orange. Hopefully, this isn’t you.

Besides actionable, nuts and bolts training advice, Steve and I also dive into mindset and how important it is to not let your ego get in your way. In particular, if you are a big fish in a small pond, then it’s time for a change. If you are the strongest person in the room, or the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room.

Top to bottom, this is a fantastic talk, and you will walk away as a better athlete, coach, and human after listening to it.

Episode Highlights:

4:00 – Steve’s entry into competitive strength sports

7:25 – The Top Strength Project 

10:00 – Appreciating the overlap in different strength sports

12:00 – Training at HIGH volumes

17:00 – Books smarts and under the bar experience

22:30 – What does training look like for Steve Tripp 

27:30 – Training your weaknesses

32:00 – Accessory work, strength biases, and size biases 

36:00 – Steve’s go-to accessory moves to bring up the big 4

46:00 – Using strength standards to objectively determine your weak points

51:30 – RPE scales

56:00 – To get optimal results it’s 100% everything

Links and stuff:

·     Steve Tripp: @strippcam

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·     The Top Strength Project: @thetopstrengthproject

·     James Cerbie: @jamescerbie

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·     Silverback:

·     Rebel Performance:

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·     Brandon Allen: @brandon_allen88

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