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9. Being the Outcast: Turning Loneliness & Loss into a Better Community, with Mandi Caskey
Episode 93rd February 2020 • Gravity • Brett Kaufman
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Mandi Caskey is a muralist, gallery artist, and community activist. The story Mandi shares is a lesson for all who consider themselves outcasts or loners about finding the support you need, learning that it’s okay to be different and disruptive, and the impact you can make from seeing the world — and sharing your view of the world — differently.

What Brett asks:

  • [4:35] Can you tell me a little bit about your upbringing?
  • [7:35] You started more with drawing. When did you start expanding your artwork?
  • [9:20] How was your art received during the learning process?
  • [14:46] Did you have support at home while being an emerging artist?
  • [16:54] What happened with your father in high school?
  • [22:15] How did that tragedy affect your outlook on life?
  • [35:08] How did all of this take you to graffiti?
  • [42:10] What were you thinking as you took the leap into graffiti?
  • [56:30] Can you tell me about the large scale mural festival you are doing?

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