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Renee Going Undercover [Season 8, Episodes 7-12]
Episode 11521st March 2021 • 24 Faithful Podcast • Joshua Rivers
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The undercover operation progresses

  • Laitanan calls everyone he can including Sergei Bazhaev, who denies involvement 
  • Renee and Laitanan fight, she kills him (stabs 15 times) and stabs Jack, who manages to kill Laitanan’s men
  • Bazhaev’s men kidnap Jack and torture him but he escapes and takes down Bazhaev
  • Josef steals the rods and tries to sell them to Farhad but is killed by them when about to go along with Jack’s immunity deal

Marcos and the Farhad ruse

  • Samir is no longer going to export to the IRK, but use the rods in New York
  • Farhad isn’t happy with this and escapes and calls CTU, only for him to get up from his hiding spot and be killed just before CTU arrive
  • He dies but Jack suggests using him as dead bait to lure the terrorists into making sure he’s dead
  • Marcos Al-Zacar is sent with a bomb and is cornered in an oxygen chamber
  • Jack uses his mother Elaine to talk him out of detonating the bomb but the fail safe is activated by Ali and Marcos is blown up...

Tarin is involved

  • But not before he says Tarin is involved
  • Tarin has escaped custody after being detained by Hassan and is with Kayla
  • Daliia warns Kayla of the nuclear threat and Tarin’s involvement and he kidnaps her
  • Samir demands file 33 from Hassan, which contains all info on taking down American defences including radiological detectors
  • Tarin fakes an escape with Kayla and is ‘shot’ in the process but it’s all a ruse to get her to CTU where an EMP goes off

The end of Kevin Wade

  • Dana guides Kevin and Nick through taking $120,000 from an evidence lockup but Nick tries taking everything else and a cop discovers the mess, and Nick attacks him
  • Kevin decides he’s not going to leave Dana’s life after this score
  • Dana goes to kill them both only for Cole to arrive first, she explains everything to him - he threatens them but Nick stabs Kevin and is about to kill Dana/Cole when Kevin saves them
  • They sink the bodies and pretend things are normal
  • Kevin’s parole officer Bill Prady calls Dana and then comes to CTU to get info on Kevin
  • He asks for the video archive for the lockup which will expose her and Dana is going to give it to him until the EMP


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