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Learning on Fire - Education from sharing wisdom not testing - Mark Taylor 18th February 2020
Moving to Education on Fire. LF056
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Moving to Education on Fire. LF056

I have decided to bring my 'podcast network' to an end. Following lots of thought I believe the best way to support you and me moving forward is to simplify what I produce and bring everything together under one roof - Education on Fire.

I am amalgamating this Learning on Fire podcast and Education on Fire podcast.

I will continue to produce the same quality interviews and mix it with child focused educational content to help you support the children in your lives to be authentic, inspired and live life on their terms.

This includes creating a new community of people to lead the way as part of our campfire elders.

Find out more about this new spark at www.educationonfire.com/education-on-fire/121-a-new-spark/