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How to Spread Your Youpreneur Message (AudioBook Sneak Peek Part 2)
Episode 32510th January 2019 • Youpreneur: The Profitable Personal Brand Expert Business! • Chris Ducker
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We’re continuing to celebrate the official launch of the audiobook of my bestseller, Rise of the Youpreneur, here on Youpreneur FM. On top of sharing an exclusive clip from the audiobook recording in this podcast episode, I’ve also got a few other surprises up my sleeve!

If you haven’t got an Audible account yet, you’re in luck because I’m giving away FREE copies of my audiobook to new members. All you have to do is go to to download your copy PLUS one additional free book of your choosing!

When you’ve finished the book, please leave a review on Audible and email a snapshot or screenshot of your review to We will then enter your name and email address into a prize draw to win a one-year fully complimentary membership to the Youpreneur Academy. There will be four winners in total, and we’re announcing one lucky winner each week throughout January!

The exclusive audiobook clip you’ll hear in this podcast episode encourages you to think deeper about who you are and what you want to be known for.

Find out the real power of showing your tribe behind the scenes of your business and what it means for the growth of your business. It’s a fantastic episode (if I do say so myself), and I know you’re going to love it!

Essential Learning Points From This Episode:

  • To be a successful Youpreneur, you must establish your authority in your niche
  • Offering solid information (such as blog posts, checklists and case studies, etc.) are the richest type of media you can share
  • Establishing yourself as an authority is about showing your tribe that you can solve their problems
  • By turning yourself into a media company, you instantly assume control over your content
  • An authority is someone who’s opinion on a certain topic is respected and valued
  • Authenticity is being true to yourself, but originality is making that true version of yourself different than anyone else in your niche
  • Being a Youpreneur means being original in everything you do
  • Focus on a P2P (people to people) philosophy because people want to do business with other people
  • Much, much more!

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