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#68 Reimagining Leadership: Transforming Organizations: The Power of Trust
Episode 6812th September 2023 • Rise Leaders Radio • LeeAnn Mallory
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I’ve worked with a lot of organizations in my time as a coach and leadership consultant and the issue of trust is almost always at or near the center of concern.  You’re never done building and nurturing trust.  As one of my guests today quotes, “trust is the only thing that affects everything” (Stephen M.R. Covey). We gave it a great deal of air time in the Reimagine Leadership program.

Jerry Magar and Lori Darley join me in today’s discussion and we talk about:

  • Signs that trust may be missing in your organization
  • There are defined behaviors that help build trust
  • One way to think about trust is a combination of competence and character
  • Trust-building can be tangible and pragmatic
  • Breakdowns provide a great opportunity to create more trust
  • What does it mean to have vulnerability-based trust?

There are many models of trust and we cover two during this conversation.  Check the links below for three (yes three!) earlier episodes I’ve recorded on trust.

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