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Episode 8: Becoming A 10% Entrepreneur With Patrick McGinnis
21st September 2016 • Breakthrough Success • Marc Guberti
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On today’s episode, Marc is joined by Patrick McGinnis, venture capitalist and private equity investor. He is the author of “The 10% Entrepreneur” which is based on his ability to generate an income from a typical job and his entrepreneurial business at the same time.

Patrick joins Marc to discuss how he’s built a diverse portfolio of investments outside of his day job, and takes the time really go in deep about how and why he got there. Listen in to hear why the 2008 financial crisis was a bit of wake up call for Patrick, and in doing so, how he found pathways to more interesting and fun ventures. We’re fortunate to learn from Patrick’s experience, from his first steps all the way to his current investments. Find out why the “elevator pitch” is so important, and how to market a product that doesn’t even exist yet. 

We even hear a story of a journey across South America that lead Patrick to his favorite inspirational quote. Tune in to find out how you too can be a 10% Entrepreneur.



- The Elevator Pitch

- How to market a product that doesn’t exist

- Patrick’s 3 tips for budding entrepreneurs

- Why building a team is so important

- To use your 10% to do many different things

- Recommendations for creating a great pitch

- Patrick’s advice for breaking through


Key Links from the Show: - Patrick’s Personal Site - Patrick’s Twitter - Patrick’s Facebook