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Running Inspirational News– November 23, 2021 (Heart Edition)
Episode 6923rd November 2021 • Feel Good Running | For the Everyday Runner! • Jim Lynch
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Hello Runners, Happy Thanksgiving! This is the time of the year when we all give thanks for the blessings in our lives. And we share our time with the people we love over a nice meal. Thankfully, we have that opportunity this year, though we must still be respectful to follow the current restrictions as we travel. I'll be visiting my brother in Pittsburgh this Thanksgiving. Congratulations to all of you who will be running the 2022 Boston Marathon. Everyone who qualified this past year will be accepted! If you've not run Boston in the past and are qualified, go for it. Get it done. Qualifying times are set for 2023, and who knows what the cutoff time will be. In this episode, I dive into the subject of the heart and running. I mentioned two runners last episode that experienced heart attacks during their race. And the most publicized was 34 year old Meghan Roth at this year's Boston Marathon. My family has a strong history of heart issues and I must pay close attention to my heart health. Even if you think you are healthy and in shape, it is good to get a checkup at least once a year. Meghan was in peak shape. Preventive maintenance is the best medicine for sure. I focus on two runners, Marla Sewall and Darlene Anita Scott, both were in shape and had heart issues. They are both grateful to be alive. And I also throw in a heartfelt story that you will absolutely love. Enjoy this episode. If you know someone with a unique running story, please feel free to share it with me. You can Email it to me at Thank you for listening to the Feel Good Running Podcast, and please share this with your running friends and on your social media platforms. I would very much appreciate it. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Eat a lot because you earned it! And remember, especially now, to be kind to others, even if some are not kind to you. It's good for the heart, mind, and soul. The world needs more kindness, right!. Peace everyone! ~ Jim   Show Timestamps [00:32] - Host Jim Lynch [02:44] - Marla Sewall [05:43] - Darlene Anita Scott [08:27] - - Heart Information Pertaining to Running [10:45] - Julie "Hurricane" Hawkins [12:49] - Inspirational Running Quote/Jim episode close   Show Notes Marla Seawall - Heart Stopped - Article (Health Day- Writer - Tate Gunnerson) - Marla's Facebook Page Darlene Anita Scott - Heart failure survivor - Article (Health Day- Writer - Diane Daniel) - Darlene's Website Active.Com - Article - How Running Affects your Heart (Author - Kim Dinan) Julie "Hurricane" Hawkins - Video breaking world record - Article (USA Today - Writer - Wyatte Grantham-Philips) - WAFB 9 Baton Rough, Louisiana Article and Interview   Inspirational Running Quote "Don't run with your legs, run with your Heart." - Ultramarathonman, Dean Karnazes   Communicate Listener feedback is essential to Feel Good Running. Is there a guest you would like us to feature? Do you have any suggestions on how to improve the podcast? Whatever it is, we would like to hear from YOU! Send a personal email to host at   Subscribe Get on our email list for the Feel Good Running Newsletter. You will receive a gift of 101+ Running-Related Links. All the necessary running links you will need right at your fingertips: Apparel, Podcasts, Training Programs, Publications, and more! Get on the list today! Click Here!   Share "Feel Good Running" Podcast Again, I want to thank you for listening to my podcast! You can help out by leaving a rating and review on Apple Podcast, And please share the Feel Good Running Podcast with your friends and on your social media platforms. It would mean the world to me and help the show to grow!