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61 – How to Disappear as a Dog Show Handler: Janice Hayes
3rd May 2017 • Pure Dog Talk • Laura Reeves
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Janice Hayes - The Disappearing Handler

Janice Hayes started as a junior handler, then assistant handler, and quickly rose through the Professional Handler ranks.  With an English Setter as her first "heart dog", Janice fell in love with the soft, but hard-headed sporting breeds.

Perfection not Required

Serious in training, fun in the ring is the motto that Janice follows.   While home life involves character building, confidence work, and ring preparation...

happy, happy, play, play is essential.

Balance Flexibility and Consistency

Dogs do best with routine, but keep flexibility in a dog's life so they are ever-adapting.

The Taffe McFadden FAN CLUB

Oohhh, do we have so many members of the Taffe McFadden fan club!  Per Janice, watching Taffe McFadden is the ultimate training guide for a handler.  Taffe's soft hands, quiet whispers to the dog, and consistent touch bring confidence to the soft dog.

You Need to Disappear

Practice quiet hands and don't stare down the judge... it's about the dog.

Tips from Janice Hayes

Practice with stacking blocks for just a few minutes a day in a positive way.  Don't groom on them.

Train in obedience.  Heeling, pattern changes, and having the dog pay attention are great for the ring.

Thoughts and Suggestions

We need less shows.  Allows more time for training and conditioning, and gives the competitive dogs a break.

There are some really talented young handlers.  Take the time to learn as an assistant.

Dogs are #1.

Janice Hayes



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