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Adam Aizer (CBS Sports Fantasy Football Today)
Episode 122nd March 2023 • Fantasy Football Origin Stories • Sports History Network
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Fantasy Football Origin Stories is part of the Sports History Network - The Headquarters For Sports Yesteryear.


In this inaugural episode, Adam Aizer rides shotgun in the DeLorean, to take us back in time and learn about his Fantasy Football Origin Story. We talk about many topics, including:

  • Aizer's first recollection of fantasy football
  • The origin story that resulted in hosting one of the most popular fantasy football podcasts, Fantasy Football Today, a CBS Sports Podcast
  • Some of Adam's most memorable moments in fantasy football
  • His "fantasy superpower"
  • What podcasting was like way back in the beginning
  • Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?
  • Much more

If you're a fan of the Fantasy Football Today podcast, this episode will give you some insight into one of your favorite hosts. If you've never heard of the Fantasy Football Today podcast, this episode will make you fall in love with the host, and want to start listening today. Either way, fantasy football fan or not, this is a fun interview. So sit back, relax, and crank that baby up to 88mph!!!