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How to Reach The Goals You Set This Year with Kiola Raines – 030
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How to Reach The Goals You Set This Year with Kiola Raines – 030

In this episode, Kiola Raines joins us to discuss the struggles and successes that come with being a dreamer and a business owner. Kiola is one of the visionaries behind Kinetic Studio, which grew from an idea into a 4,000 square foot space. She faced challenges along the way, from how to fund her project to who would teach the classes and so much more.

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Kiola Raines


Kiola quickly learned that she would need to place distance between herself and people who were unsupportive, even those who were closest to her. She had to accept that her family and friends were not going to be the ones who would build her business and it was on her to make this a reality. She found that it would be a long process – being a business owner can be much more than a 40 hour per week job – but Kiola, along with her business partner (shown in the image below!) were resilient. She shares her journey and inspires us to set meaningful goals to make our dreams come true.


Goals You Set This Year with Kiola Raines


Key Topics


The Difference in Reaching Your Goals

  • Write down your positive thoughts and goals so you can cast them out into the universe.
  • When you write, you have to be present and in the moment, which aids in the creative process.
  • Set your intentions for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly accomplishments.
  • Create a contract for yourself and sign it to hold yourself accountable. It works!


The Goals of Kinetic Studio

  • When clients sign up with Kinetic Studio, they receive a packet with a full questionnaire.
  • They then must write down their physical, lifestyle and financial goals.
  • Clients also have to keep a food diary.
  • This ties into the power of writing things down – clients become more aware of what they’re actually doing and how they are doing it.
  • This also helps clients to connect to their goals and see their patterns.


Consistency and Hard Work

  • Kiola realized how much work it was going to take to make her dreams a reality.
  • She found she would have to sacrifice her social life and dedicate herself to long hours to make things work.
  • It’s waking up at [2:00] in the morning, thinking about goals and writing them down.
  • It’s better to give 85%, 100% of the time, than to be 100%, 15% of the time – for any goals in your life.
  • Figure out what works for you and stick with it, give it all you’ve got.


Valentine Ewudo and Kiola Raines


Key Quotes

Your family and friends are not going to be the ones who build your business. ([14:29])

Words are like casting spells, that’s why we call it spelling. ([20:36])

You’re better off doing your okay routine consistently, than the best routine for 3 weeks. ([33:58])

Accept yourself, be yourself. ([39:42])


Kiola R

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