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Conversations for Change - Dolphin Kasper EPISODE 5, 11th December 2019
Episode #5 - Conversations for Change with Carol Fox Prescott
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Episode #5 - Conversations for Change with Carol Fox Prescott

In Episode #5 of Conversations for Change, Dolphin interviews Carol Foxx Prescott, a celebrated actor, singer, director, master teacher, performance coach, author and stage director. They discuss her first inspiration to act as a child, what inspired her to pursue this dream, some of the highlights and struggles throughout her career and what she has discovered as a teacher of acting through a number of decades!

If you are an aspiring or active singer, performer or actor and want to be inspired by someone who has lived and breathed the world of acting and performance art, This is the podcast for you!

Carol brings 40 years of experience in professional theater to individuals of all walks of life, enabling breakthroughs in authenticity, personal growth, and creativity. Her clients include professional actors, business leaders, clergy, doctors, artists and educators,-anyone for whom presentation, creative growth and self-discovery are essential for success.

She is renowned for her breath work techniques and helps people master “being at ease” in everyday life, while unleashing confidence and imagination. Carol helps individuals rechannel performance anxiety, in any setting, into free flowing insight and self-expression.

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