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Insights into the Supply Chain with Naseem Malik
Episode 415th May 2023 • The Leadership Tales Podcast with Colin Hunter • Colin Hunter
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This week on the Leadership Tales Podcast, my interview of Naseem Malik on his supply chain expertise and talent turns into a joyous free-flowing, two-way dialogue!

Naseem is a Managing Partner at MRA Global Sourcing, where he helps world class companies build successful teams by finding the right leaders. He is an expert in supply chain and talent acquisition with over 20 years of experience. Naseem has also recently journeyed into angel investing, which we touch on in this episode as well.

Tune into this episode as Naseem shares the ins and outs of the supply industry, including the relationship between talent and finances (a key topic in my mind for businesses I work with), the differences in hiring practices across different industries, and the 10X rule—listen now!

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