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Wealth Tactic Rebels - Kevin M Dumont EPISODE 57, 24th April 2020
The Wealthy Gardener, A WTR Discussion With John Soforic
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The Wealthy Gardener, A WTR Discussion With John Soforic

Success takes time. We all have 24-hours in a day, and it is up to us to decide to be productive with those hours. WTR welcomes John Soforic, self-made millionaire and author of The Wealthy Gardener. The Wealthy Gardener: Lessons on Prosperity between Father and Son is about timeless principles to empower everyday people to get more impact from their days. In today’s episode, we discuss how having a goal for financial freedom will create peace of mind and a worry-free space for achieving an unparalleled quality of life, which will in turn create more success and prosperity in your life.

Ingenious tactics to accumulate wealth, for people who see things differently.

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  • [00:28] Kevin: Today, we're joined by guest John Soforic. We are going to be discussing The Wealthy Gardener, John's philosophy and way of living for prosperity
  • [01:55] Why don't you share more with our listeners about where you came from and what inspired you to do what you do today?
  • [02:02] John: I really am a self-made millionaire that have lived an honorable life and won the life of finances
  • [03:56] There were times when my family slept all night but I wasn't sure how I was going to buy groceries, and when you go through those times it really does change you. When you stop asking yourself if money makes you happy and you start saying if you had money you could do a lot of things with it (rather than chasing a dollar)
  • [04:53] I traded a lot of hours for dollars and I didn't have a whole lot to show for it
  • [06:30] I set a really large goal that I didn't have to think or worry about money. You can give your thoughts to more important things than money (passive income)
  • [07:10] We all have this financial condition of life and life is so much better
  • [07:50] I really believe you can learn your way up in life and you learn through learning curves
  • [08:15] Kevin: I think sometimes that thought of "who am I?" Is a limiting thought to people (who am I to do this? This person is better to do this)[08:30] That can hold you out from learning, seeking, and achieving
  • [09:00] John: When you're asking yourself that question "who am I", that's when you're in a good place in your life (living on the edge of your capacity, trying to strive for your fullest potential, doing things you don't really know you can do[09:08] You have to turn that around because those are the invisible things that hold you back (if you expand that idea, it opens up possibilities in many ways)
  • [09:45] Kevin: So many times people believe that money is the root of all evil and wealthy people are jerks and that's a particular mindset about money that may or may not be true (money is a thing)[10:05] Money is not evil, it just kind of is, it's what people do with it
  • [10:10] The problem that people have when they do bad things for money is not to get money, it's because they don't have it (the lack of money)
  • [10:36] John: "Money isn't the root of all evil, the lack of money is the root of all evil"
  • [11:25] There are more important things in this world than money, but you can't focus on those important things if you don't have the money to worry about
  • [12:03] I do believe that if your eyes are wide open and you can see the future, you will see that you can protect your family with more money and your life gets better when you compile money[12:28] You need excess money (enough that it continues to grow that it exceeds your needs)
  • [12:38] The wealthy gardener says that just enough is not nearly enough (at times we need more than normal)
  • [14:00] Money provides opportunities and peace of mind and a worry-free space
  • [14:25] Kevin: People have those limiting thoughts about what their abilities are and what they can achieve. Anyone can have some level of success
  • [15:08] John: Sometimes we need goals so large that we can't do it on our own at our present condition. So we can expand our life a little bit at a time and you grow into it
  • [15:20] Kevin: Let's talk a little bit about your belief that wealth is impossible without an entrepreneurial spirit
  • [15:43] John: For me, wealth would be that amount of money which you could live off of in retirement and you don't have to work for money
  • [17:33] Wealth is absolutely 100% impossible if you live like the average people. And it's all about your hours (impact hours)
  • [19:35] Kevin: Each person can find their own path, but there has to be this entrepreneurial spirit (doing something different and thinking for yourself)
  • [19:58] John: We all have the same 24-hour clock but some people get more impact out of that 24-hours than others every day[20:11] Balanced life
  • [20:16] Sacrifice
  • [20:48] Kevin: Let's talk a little bit about how right now is a time where there's so much going on in the world. Times of fear can be extremely valuable to clarify future goals
  • [22:13] John: In times of fear, my option is not to react (do nothing... don't make any decision until you get your legs back under you)
  • [27:40] You can change everything in your life within 5 years if you put your pedal down[30:33] People have died for freedom, and we won't sacrifice our free hours for 5 years for freedom (sometimes not sacrificing is sacrificing more)
  • [33:05] Add value to the world such that they'll actually pay you for it and give you that applause in the form of money
  • [34:34] Kevin: Before we close today, I'm going to ask you for our WTR value bomb. In your experience, what should they look to avoid in their path to prosperity and something they can do about it?
  • [34:54] John: Our lifetime is made up of time. So to me it's essential that I give my time to things that matter and that has purpose. I want to avoid the average hour (hours when we're doing stuff but nothing important is getting done)