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Corbin vs. The World - Corbin David Albaugh and Loudspeaker Networks EPISODE 67, 18th January 2020
CVTW 067: Ye Olde Royale Bed and Breakfaste
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CVTW 067: Ye Olde Royale Bed and Breakfaste

TONIGHT on an international spotlight edition of Corbin vs The World, our hero wrings his dirty, common hands over the intrigues of royalty. Will they find success living amongst the poors? How will the Democratic primary candidates function without Marianne Williamson's magical emotion orb? What's the difference between Applebees and Chili's? Find out tonight at 6 MT on a new episode of Corbin vs The World on NoCo FM! Featuring tunes by Frances Quinlen, Sorry, 070 Shake, and more!

Hosted by Corbin David Albaugh. Produced by Chris Lanphear for NoCo FM.

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Special thanks to Treemotel for our theme song, "Alien Trill"


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