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Your London Legacy - Steve Lazarus • The London Podcaster EPISODE 37, 25th March 2019
How Two Back Operations Inspired Me To Create ‘Your London Legacy’ – Despite Knowing Nothing About Podcasting

How Two Back Operations Inspired Me To Create ‘Your London Legacy’ – Despite Knowing Nothing About Podcasting

After around 8 months and some 36 new guests, I thought it was time to take a deep breath, pause and reflect on what we have achieved at Your London Legacy.

So I’m going take you behind the scenes and lift the curtain on how we got to where we are today. It may not be what you think. It certainly came as a surprise to me.

You see the whole idea came first came to me back in April 2017 when I was laying flat on my back for 10 days in the hospital, after two rather nasty back operations. The first was planned. The second wasn’t at all. In fact the first went wrong and I ended up with Spinal fluid leak, that I don’t recommend. I wasn’t allowed to sit up for days on end, so I had to find a way to entertain myself.

The best way I found was to listen to the radio, and audio books on audible. Then I stumbled across something new to me called podcast. I was sort of aware of podcasts, but never really paid much attention to them.

I began listening to an American chap called John Lee Dumas or ‘JLD’ as hes widely known. He runs a mega successful podcast called Entrepreneur on Fire, where he interviews high achieving entrepreneurs every single day of the week. I started to listen and was utterly addicted to the content. Id always been fascinated with this topic and so to be able to dive in when I wanted and get fresh content every day was brilliant.

I also began to consume content from two other massive podcasters. Tim Ferris. You might known him from his best selling book The Four Hour Work week, and James Altucher. Both interview what they call ‘peak performers’. That’s to say, people at the very top of their game across all walks of life, from authors, to sportsmen, entrepreneurs and businessmen and women, musicians, on and on.

”I was totally hooked. This was way better than anything Id entertained myself with previously. Why, well I could listen to topics that fascinated me, at a time and place of my choosing, whilst being entertained and educated for free. Whats not to like?”

The truth is that although I was often in incredible pain following the two back surgeries in quick succession, the days flew by. When I wasn’t being attended to by the wonderful medical staff at the National Neurological Hospital in Queens Square, London, I was keeping myself amused listening to the most wonderful guests being brilliantly interviewed by top hosts.

I’m not really sure when I first had the idea to create my own podcast, but looking back I can see I left hospital on 18th April 2017, was already in touch with who turned out to be my mentor Mark Asquith, a few days later. I knew I had the bug, and I knew that I wanted to create my own podcast but how and what, I had no clue.

After some digging I found that John Lee Dumas had a business partner here in Sheffield England, and I was soon signed up being mentored by Mark Asquith. Mark is a podcaster himself as well CEO and Co Founder of Rebel Base Media a UK based podcast company. I knew he had to be smart to be a business partner of John Lee Dumas, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Now originally, when I decided I wanted to be a podcaster, the Your London Legacy concept  was not even blip on the horizon. I had this idea in my head that I would create something that would support my Insurance Claims Business The Claims Desk. Something that would be of interest to the property insurance market and potentially drive clients to my business. And I pursued this idea for several weeks but could never really get to grips with it. It then dawned on me why. I found it so dull and boring. You see I’ve been dealing with property claims for best part of 30 years, and whilst it was my bread and butter and has given me a decent life style, ultimately insurance claims was not my passion.

”When I came clean and with some embarrassment told Mark I didn’t like the ideas we’d been discussing for 6 weeks, guess what he said. He said ‘that’s cool. That’s probably the best decision you’ll ever make in your podcasting career’.  And of course we was 100% correct.”

You see, you have to be totally passionate about your podcast topic each and every day, because, setting up and hosting a podcast, whilst a huge amount of fun is a lot of hard work and you have to be dedicated.

After tossing some ideas around I concluded that although insurance can be dull, meeting and interviewing new and different people – something Id bee doing all my working life – was something I really enjoyed, and was pretty good at.

”I also knew that I loved London, where I’ve lived and worked all my life. And I also knew that Londoners are an incredibly diverse people, with wonderful stories to tell, that don’t always get to be heard.”

And so the concept of Your London Legacy was born.

But an idea is just the start of the journey. There are so many moving parts to creating a podcast. There’s the branding and imagery . Then there’s all the technology from the website creation, audio editing, getting it out to all the major podcast platforms. There the marketing of the podcast so it can be easily found enjoyed and shared. And of course, there’s the guests. We have to research each guest to ensure they are a good fit for the show. Invite the guest. Arrange to meet with them at a suitable location, and of course to actually conduct a relaxed interesting and fun interview.

It’s a whole pile of work and because I’ve committed to release a new guest every Monday, it’s a never ending task.

And don’t forget, I knew nothing about the mechanics of any of this until I dug in and actually got my hand dirty back in 2017.

So here I am today. 8 months on from our launch and 36 brilliant guests later. Its been tough but I would not swop the experience for anything in the world.

”I’ve met some of the most brilliant, inspirational and fun guests I could ever have imagined and been helped and supported along the way by  so many  wonderful people.”

From Thames Mudlarker Jason Sandy, to Lal Hardy, one the finest tattooist in the UK. From Ray Gelato and Phil Ryan, two of the countries best musicians, to Jamala Osman, possibly the most inspiring young lady I’ve ever met. From Master Chef finalists Billy and Jack to Ksenia Zemtsova creator of the biggest arts festival in London. Julia Fullerton Batten and Edo Zollo – two very different but utterly brilliant award winning photographers. To John Durkin leader in the field of PTSD recovery. I want to name check each and every one of my guests as they are all exceptional.

”But that is the whole point about Your London Legacy. I want to bring the very best London has to offer right to your listening device and however you get your podcasts.”

I want to thank each and every one of my guest who have made the last 8 months a sheer delight. I’ve learned so much from them all and so much about myself in the process too.

Finally I want thank everyone who has take a chance on Your London Legacy and listened to even a few minutes on one episode. Thank you. You are part of a growing audience not just of Your London Legacy, but also the expanding world of podcast listeners.

”I can tell you we have listeners right across the globe, from London to the States, New Zealand Finland and Russia. It completely blows me away.”

The feed back has been brilliant and I can tell you that we have some wonderful guests lined up for you in the coming weeks.

If you have any suggestions for a future guest, then please reach out to me either by email steve@yourlondonlegcay.com  or the Your London Legacy Facebook group or Instagram account. Don’t be shy. Its all about engagement and while you are at it please please subscribe to the show wherever you listen. That is the best way to show your love.


Thanks again.

I’m Steve Lazarus and This is Your London Legacy.

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