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154 - Transformative Power of H2H Interaction - with Tim Simpson & Danny Hardman
Episode 15420th June 2022 • Trade Show University for Virtual & Live Events • Jim Cermak
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We've all heard about B2B and B2C, but how about H2H - Human-to-Human? H2H is the future of our events and Trade Shows and will be transformative in our events and our organizations.

On the Trade Show University podcast to discuss this important topic is Tim Simpson, Brand & Engagement Chief Strategist of The Design Studio at Maritz Global Events, and Danny Hardman, Director of Business Development with PRG - Production Resource Group.

We Discuss:

  • What common themes are you seeing/hearing right now with the variety of clients you are working with?
  • Why Human-to-Human? What does that mean?
  • Are you bullish on the future of events, trade shows, gatherings, etc?

Tim & Danny's Top Tips:

1. Exhibitors - New methods and thinking needed to meet audiences where THEY are.

2. Planners - Opportunity to unlock the inner data geek - grow an addiction to people insights

3. Time to start delivering our audiences the VALUE THEY SEEK not just what serves our own needs

Top Takeaways:

1. Experience design is dead. The future is guiding transformation

2. We need to do better at understanding the people we are designing for.

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