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Matt Coyle, author of Doomed Legacy
Episode 10616th November 2022 • The Thriller Zone • David Temple
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On today's Surprise Spontaneous On-Location 106th Episode of The Thriller Zone, my guest is Matt Coyle. Matt's latest Rick Cahill Thriller, Doomed Legacy, is available now.

I spoke with Matt on location at Warwick's Bookstore in La Jolla, CA, just moments before we went on stage to present to the audience his latest masterpiece.

As I said, the moment was spontaneous, the episode is shorter than most, but it was an experiment of sorts to see how interviewing and producing on the fly, but "not exactly live" would work.

Fortunately, my sponsor, Warwick's Bookstore, was super helpful and excited to play along, as evidence by the on-the-fly sponsorship placement by the lovely and talented Julie Slavinsky, Events Coordinator for Warwick's, both in store and online.

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