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Ep 51: Do You Have a Crazy Dating Story? My Guest Catherine Berra Does
Episode 513rd November 2022 • People on Dating • Will Morales
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About Catherine :

Author, equestrian, mother, world traveler and optimist, Catherine spent over 20 years in Washington, DC working as a writer and consultant. After raising her son as a single mother, she ventured out into the world of online dating at 48, spent 10 years trying to figure it all out and, while still single, remains an optimist.

During Covid shutdowns she decided to put together a collection of hilarious dating stories and enjoys sharing these anecdotes and hearing the endless funny dating stories of other older men and women.

Catherine's Value Adds

  • Most times we are nervous on the 1st date
  • Giving our life story to soon
  • Online dating sucks
  • Watching out for fake profiles online
  • Meet people in person
  • And much more..........

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Book(s) recommended

  • These stories are true, I shit you not- Catherine Berra
  • Lucid life- Catherine Berra

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