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Productivity Hacks & Profitable Partnerships with Iman Aghay
Episode 7011th July 2023 • Creative Collaborations • Chuck Anderson
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In this episode of the Creative Collaboration Show, host Chuck Anderson sits down with serial entrepreneur Iman Aghay to discuss the power of collaboration, effective time management, and the importance of continuous learning in building a successful business. Iman shares his personal journey, from starting his business with limited resources to becoming a best-selling author and renowned public speaker. Through his own experiences, he provides valuable insights on how entrepreneurs can overcome challenges and achieve their goals through collaboration and creativity.

Iman Aghay is a serial entrepreneur, best-selling author, and renowned public speaker. He is the founder of Entrepreneurs International Network, a community of over 77,000 entrepreneurs in multiple cities. With a passion for entrepreneurship and a thirst for learning, Iman has built a successful business by leveraging collaboration and continuously seeking new knowledge.

Key Points Discussed:

[06:32] The importance of starting with free resources and seeking expert advice: Iman shares how he utilized YouTube and social media to gather information and understand possibilities before seeking out experts to implement his goals.

[14:45] Structuring time for maximum productivity: Iman reveals his daily schedule, dividing his workweek into specific tasks for each day, such as sales calls, coaching, content creation, and catch-up. He emphasizes the importance of planning and allocating time for various activities to avoid overwhelm.

[25:10] Embracing failure and trying new strategies: Iman shares his belief in learning from both experts and various sources, and how he is open to trying different strategies, systems, and people to achieve his goals.

[30:52] The power of collaboration: Iman highlights how collaboration plays a crucial role in building credibility, influencing the market, and overcoming obstacles. He shares personal stories of collaborating with others to grow his business and achieve success.

[38:14] Pursuing goals despite obstacles: Iman discusses the importance of finding creative ways to pursue goals, even when faced with challenges. He provides an example of starting a parenting podcast by partnering with someone with a different perspective.

Guest's Must-Read Book Recommendation:

Iman recommends reading the Success Principles by Jack Canfield as his must-read book.


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