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Mental Health and Me - Mental Health and Me EPISODE 3, 31st March 2019
Ep 3: You Don't Need to Be Perfect
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Ep 3: You Don't Need to Be Perfect

Last week, I recorded an episode of Mental Health and Me while under what I can only call "not the best circumstances". While I could have left the episode up, I really wasn't happy with it, as you'll found out in this new episode. I'll still share the topic of the previous episode three, probably in next week's show.

Today, though, while I share what happened last week, I want to talk about why you don't need to be perfect. Why whatever you do, you should be proud of, because you actually had the courage to do it.

It's okay to do things over. It's okay to not settle for things the first time you do them. Because we're not perfect, and that means we're allowed to do things over. And over. And over again. Allow yourself to breathe, and simply try again until you feel comfortable and confident with your own results.

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