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Real Life Weight Loss - Corey Little EPISODE 6, 31st December 2019
My Weight Loss RANT!
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My Weight Loss RANT!

Say WHAT?!?  

Are you serious?? 

Please tell me you’re kidding right now.

That’s what was going through my head, but it’s not how I responded.

Today, I’ve got to rant a little. And it all starts with something that happened during my Christmas visit with family.  

Even though all kinds of stuff was flying through my head and I wanted to scream … I didn't. But it’s so sad, because my relative has this terrible problem … and I have the solution!

But my hands are tied.

So what’s the point here? How does this help you?

Tune in and you'll learn three big take-home lessons from my overweight, unhealthy family member.