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Episode 34 – with special guest, Tom Schwab: “How to find what you are looking for.”
2nd March 2017 • Your Blessed Life • Jay Maresh
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In episode 34 my guest, Tom Schwab talks about when your faith moves from your head to your heart, you set the stage for for God’s power to be activated. Making the transition from head to heart, is a lot like ‘walking by faith and not by site’ (2 Corinthians 5:7). This mindset positions us for a shift to look at life from a positive perspective; knowing that God’s ways are higher than ours, and the he has your best interest at heart…… finding things to support God’s truth for your life.

  • Why is the role of connection so important for your life?
  • Why your perspective in life shapes your focus.
  • Why it’s important to remember what God has done, is doing, and can do.
  • How does prayer and God’s will set you on a path that best supports your life?
  • You don’t have to work it all out or figure it all out when you follow a God that has promised to work all things together for your good.
  • “Thou Shall Prosper” By Rabbi Daniel Lapin. Get this book for free as an audio book at
  • connect with Tom and enjoy a free gift from him at






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