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Balance Shared - Michelle Lasley EPISODE 38, 12th May 2021
This is your sign, a conversation with Katie Thompson

This is your sign, a conversation with Katie Thompson

Introduction to Episode

This is your sign to do your calling, invites Katie Thompson of Modern Darling Media. Do the thing you love, but do it in a smart way.

Podcast Episode Summary

Katie Thompson is your marketing expert. She is also the one to look to when you want to start your next new thing. Katie believes that we can work towards harmony in life, rather than balance. She wants to take back the word hustle to mean flow in doing the things we love.

Katie wants all of us to know that we have something on our hearts this is your sign to do your calling. And, she invites us to start now. 


Katie’s tips on being your own boss and disturbing myths.

  • Transition to being a boss takes a mindset shift.
  • Set your boundaries so you serve yourself first then your clients.
  • Bust the myth of the 8-hour workday, there are other ways to be productive.
  • You are in charge of how you think, how you act.
  • Go follow your dreams, but do it in a smart way. 
  • If it’s on your heart, just do it. 

Recommended Resources

See Katie on the web. Be sure to check out all the resources in her education tab, and don’t forget to visit her podcast, Hustlenomics.

For more information about Michelle, Balance Shared, events, and projects, please visit www.michellelasley.com