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Episode 46 – “Show Up & Let God Do the Rest.” With special Guest, Chris Mefford.
24th January 2018 • Your Blessed Life • Jay Maresh
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Have you ever heard the saying, “80% of life is about showing up?”

There is a lot of truth to that statement, and in my chat with Chris Mefford today, he shared a new twist to this saying that will set the stage for experiencing life at 100%……”Show Up & Let God Do the Rest.”

In this episode of the Your Blessed Life Podcast, we are going to look at what it means to show up, and how can we do so in a way that positions us for God to do a mighty work in our lives.

Plus we’ll look at…..

  • A powerful question to ask yourself if you knew you couldn’t fail.
  • 3 things you can put in place right now to create “Next Level Living.”
  • What core action step you can do to always keep you on track.
  • How to move away from panic & into peace.
  • How to create a place for God to join you.

Supporting scripture:

How to know what God’s will is

Encourage each other


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