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The Wolf Connection with Teo Alfero
6th August 2019 • iCreateDaily Podcast • iCreateDaily Podcast
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Follow Your Heart no Matter What

Teo Alfero is founder of the Wolf Connection and author of a new book titled The Wolf Connection, What Wolves Can Teach Us about Being Human.

Teo Alfero is an author, speaker, transformational teacher, founder of the Wolf Connection sanctuary, and creator of Wolf Therapy®. These programs brings healing empowerment to individuals dealing with psychological and emotional pain, addiction and trauma, using the human-wolf bond. 

Teo is also the author of a new book, The Wolf Connection,What Wolves Can Teach Us about Being Human that expands on all that we’ll be talking with him about today.

Born and raised in Argentina, Teo moved to California in 1999, where he spent fourteen years in spiritual and shamanic studies.

We’re eager to get into Teo’s origin story of following his heart to doing the amazingly inspiring work he’s doing today with wolves and healing.

“I started this organization with $20 and no idea what do with wolves or how to run an organization. Follow your heart no matter what.”
~Teo Alfero, founder & author-The Wolf Connection 

Conversation Points:

  • Teo’s origin story
  • Adopting his first wolf
  • Finding the original 16 wolf pack
  • Learning to trust your heart
  • The ‘checklist’ for following your heart
  • Teo’s journey as a shaman
  • Volunteering at a rescue organization
  • Learning from wolves
  • Starting a wolf sanctuary with only $20
  • Five year “overnight success”
  • Do wolves really howl at the moon?
  • The magic of wolf howling
  • The harmony and connection of wolves
  • The human-wolf connection
  • Nurturing instinct of wolves
  • Giving 150% to your visions and dreams
  • Teo’s daughter growing up around wolves
  • Integrating wolves with Teo’s family and pets
  • Parenting advice Teo learned from Wolves
  • Introducing new wolves to the wolf pack
  • Teo’s future vision for The Wolf Connection