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Tina Muir – Running for Real – Making a Difference
Episode 8325th October 2022 • Feel Good Running | For the Everyday Runner! • Jim Lynch
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Hello Runners! Fall race season is winding down, and what a season it has been thus far. First, the world record at the Berlin Marathon by Eliud Kipchoge with a time of 2:01:09. And a week later, the US Women's Marathon Record fell at the Chicago Marathon by Emily Sisson with a time of 2:18:29. The next US major is in a few weeks, the New York Marathon! We shall see what amazing things happen. Congratulations to each of you that reached your goal of finishing a race, or two, or three this fall. You rock. I'm so honored, humbled, and excited to have Tina Muir as my guest this episode. Tina is the founder and CEO of Running for Real, a running influencer, and the #1 running podcast with over 5.5 million downloads. Running for Real is much more than a running podcast; it's a running community! Tina is exceptionally passionate about the environment, and uses her platform to bring awareness to our planet as an environmental activist. Simply a wonderful human being making a huge difference! In April, Tina ran the Maui Marathon as a guide for a dear friend, Joseph Retherford who is mostly blind. A former elite runner, she abruptly decided to stop running in her prime shocking the running world. She had had enough. Tina had been suffering from amenorrhea, the loss of menstruation, for nine years. She was burnt out and wanted to start a family. So she stopped running. She reached out to me in Maui to see if we could connect. Unfortunately, it didn't happen because I was highly strapped for the entire weekend and after as the course director. But we talked, and she expressed how much she enjoyed the marathon and its effect on her being in Maui. I know you will enjoy this episode. We talk very little about Tina's past as an elite runner, and you can find numerous articles written about Tina on the Internet. Most of our talk is on her Maui experience, the environment, the status of races becoming more environmentally friendly, the addition of a non-binary category, and the fantastic running community she is building. We go deep, for sure. I am grateful to call Tina a friend! So please, please share this episode with all of your running friends and on your social media platforms. It is, in my opinion, one of my best episodes! Enjoy this episode! And if Tina inspires you, please send me a note to let me know your thoughts at Thank you runners for listening to the Feel-Good Running Podcast! Please consider sharing this podcast with your running friends and on your social media platforms if you like it. I do not spend money to advertise my podcast. Instead, I try to grow it organically, which is by you, my listeners, sharing it! Thank You! Remember to be kind to others, even if some are not kind to you. Everyone seems stressed out these days with inflation, politics, and world events. We all need to make a difference now more than ever. Peace everyone! ~ Jim   Show Timestamps [00:40] - Host Jim Lynch [07:17]- Tina Muir - Running for Real - Interview [01:07:56] - Jim - episode close    Show Notes

Tina Muir

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