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How to start your own Co-Working Business with Felena Hanson Ep. 36
Episode 3621st September 2021 • Fascinating Entrepreneurs • Natasha Miller
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As women, we give so much of ourselves as we move through the many transitions in our lives – off to college, first job, marriage, children, career path, divorce, layoffs, business launch, business fail, empty nest, illness, etc. Because women are often the glue that holds everything together, it’s easy for us to push through each phase with a focus on others—forgetting who “WE” really are and what “WE” really want out of life.

The path to reinvention can take many forms—from listening to an inner voice, to recognizing an unexpected opportunity, to challenging and overcoming either self-doubt or the status quo. Reinventing doesn’t mean devaluing or eliminating all that came before you. In fact, all of the decisions, insights, struggles, triumphs, achievements, and disappointments have made you the valuable person you are—and are the building blocks for the person you are to become.

It can sometimes feel daunting to take, what can feel like, a big leap into the next phase of your life, so in this hands-on workshop Felena Hanson will help guide you through a simple process to match your experiences, talents, and passions with market opportunity— so that you may take that step into the next beautiful phase of your life!

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