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The No Head-Trash Nation - Greg Yates EPISODE 51, 8th November 2019
EP 51 | The Cost of Being Wrong
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EP 51 | The Cost of Being Wrong

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There’s a terrifying subject every leader goes into denial about. Maybe it’s the un-knowable ripple effect or the accidental impact that locks us up or the fact it seems like the song that NEVER ENDS…   or we wish we’d never STARTED…

So… let me solve it for you real quick…  Here’s secret… Don’t  BE  WRONG….  

And if that doesn’t work, stick around and let’s talk about what it takes to MINIMIZE the COST of being wrong…   cause that’s where most of us are coming from.  

If you’ve only got a minute, here’s the cliff notes. 

·        The ripple effect is cascading. Don’t be wrong about the reality of the ripple.

·        Good things take time. Don’t be wrong about the timetable you’re using.

·        It’s not just about you. Don’t be wrong about the seed you’re planting.  

·        In moments of chaos, people revert to their training. Don’t be wrong about what you’re training. 

What happens when you KNOW you’re going to be wrong occasionally (on the path to being right)?

               Do you blow it off as part of the process? 

               Does it create endless loops in the decision-making process that drag you down?

No wonder the guy with one talent (in the bible) buried it in the ground. Do YOU know what to do with the opportunity staring you in the face as a leader?  

Maybe your framework won’t be completed or sharpened to perfection any time soon, but for heaven’s sake, don’t build it on the WRONG foundation.  

Great leaders don’t get everything ‘right’, but they build on the right foundation. Replacing one interior wall is different than discovering a cracked and unstable foundation. 

·        You can’t build on individual, superstar players, even if they’re you.

·        You can’t build on market sentiment. It has a history of reversing course.

·        By the time you mimic what someone else did, it’s already wrong.

You were designed to create something exciting and durable but don’t forget to :

-         “Consider the Cost” and

-         Build it on a good foundation.

What is the foundation of your leadership? 

Leadership failure begins with an unclear definition of success. 

A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand.

I know you can’t be in business if you can’t make money. We get it. But making money won’t build a foundation that lasts.

My dad used to say, “it’s not whether you win or lose; it’s how you play the game.” After a brief pause he’d always continue… “But, if you’re losing, you’re not playing the game very well.”  He wasn’t talking about sports. He was coaching me about the process of leadership and the insignificance of always being right.

Vince Lombardi is fabled to have begun training camp by showing the team what a football looked like and retraining the basics of blocking and tackling. John Wooden is remembered for teaching his new players how to properly tie their shoes. 

How do you determine the cost of being wrong? You measure it in the clarity, the unity, and the pride of your people. It’s seen in the functionality of team DNA as the parts of the body not only perform but adapt and survive.

Provide a place where you and your people can get it wrong in the practice zone first. How you train is how you’ll perform when the heat is on.

A keynote speaker in businesses and churches, Greg hosts the No Head-Trash Podcast, a Facebook group called, “The No Head Trash Nation” , and leads The Practice Zone Mastermind, a small group forum where leaders connect as trusted advisors to grow in every area of life and leadership.  

Greg is the International Best-Selling author of

·        Broken

·        Overcoming the 10 Common Fears all leaders face.

·        The Breakthrough

·        A Journey of Significance

… and the exciting release of his 5th book, “Circumstances Lie”, ‘The 5 Lies about defining moments, vulnerability, and the power of your story to change the world.’