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Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast - Robert Thibodeau EPISODE 742, 3rd June 2020
Medical Futurist Discusses COVID-19 – Dr Dan O’Brien
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Medical Futurist Discusses COVID-19 – Dr Dan O’Brien

Medical Futurist Discusses COVID 19

Dr Dan OBrien

Dr. Dan O’Brien is a physician and professor with a passion for innovative healthcare technologies and public health and is a popular medical expert with appearances on national Talk Shows including on Fox Television.

An award-winning scientific and academic leader, Dr. Dan has worked with several biotech and pharmaceutical companies on increasing awareness, education, and research in many diagnostic and therapeutic fields, including in the biotechnology industry.

Dr. Dan has an extensive physician network including relationships with key opinion leaders around the world. He has completed his clinical rotations at Emory University in Atlanta, GA and also has completed a certificate of participation from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. He has an MBA in healthcare management, and a B.A from the University of Notre Dame.

Not only is Dr. Dan is a medical expert for ‘the here and now’ but he’s also a medical Futurist, with specialized knowledge in telemedicine, digital health, robotic technology, gene editing, augmented reality, software technology and A.I.

He is joining us today to talk about the Covid 19 crisis and some of the medical aspects and possible origin of the virus.

Dr. Dan O’Brien, thank you for joining us today, I appreciate your time.

Right now, the big news is diagnostic testing. And although the information appears as if there are a number of tests being administered, how many tests do we actually have to have to test over 300 million people?

You can’t just test people one time, right? A test today that says negative, that person may be positive in a few weeks? How often will people need to be tested?

Will there be enough tests made available where it becomes more like a pregnancy test. You just walk into a drug store or pharmacy and buy your own Covid 19 test?

I understand this virus is more contagious than the normal flu, but the normal flu kills more people annually than we have seen die from this virus. Yet we never shut down the entire country or the world, for that matter, just for the flu. Why is this situation different?

Is it true that having the Corona Virus is similar to someone visiting a high altitude and getting winded?

Let’s shift gears here a minute…

I recently seen a Newsweek article that claims the front man for the White House Task Force, Dr. Fauci himself, may be partly responsible for the research that was conducted at the Wuhan Lab that is under accusations right now. Have you heard anything about that?

We have heard different versions of “what may have happened” at the lab in China. Now that we have had a little more time to look at this, what are your sources saying about the origin?

Let’s talk about the social distancing plans that have been implemented…

I know the push has been on “flattening the curve” which was designed to stop a possible overwhelming situation in the hospitals. But the “flattening the curve” plan simply lengthens the time the virus actually impacts the nation. That was the reason for the social distancing and stay at home orders and shutting down the nation (and the world) economy.

It seems that now, the plan has changed from “flattening the curve” before reopening society to eradicate the virus before allowing life to go back to normal. But yet, despite the extended shutdowns and lock downs, people are still getting the virus. How is that possible?

Don’t we need to allow society to be exposed to the virus to build up our own immunity to it? Or is that the purpose in the vaccine that is supposedly being developed?

I remember seeing a report, it was probably on the news, that this virus is mutating faster than a normal virus does. The CDC comes out every year with a flu shot that they “hope” will be the strain that becomes dominant each fall. If this Corona Virus mutates faster than normal, how can they develop a vaccine that could stay ahead of the mutations?

In your opinion, what is the pros and cons of a possible vaccination versus the “herd immunity” theory?

You are a medical futurist, how is the medical community using Artificial Intelligence to advance healthcare in the near future?

What kind of futuristic things can we look forward to in the near future that you have been studying and helping to develop?

Dr. Dan, I want to thank you for your time and thank you for being on the front lines fighting this pandemic. If someone wanted to get in touch with you, to ask a question or possibly to do an interview such as this, how can they do that? How can they get in touch with you?

Folks, we know this pandemic is the “once in a hundred year” event that seems to plague humanity. But, unlike past events, this one has the advantage of technology on our side. Medical personnel like Dr. Dan O’Brien, who are looking at what the future of medicine will need and how it is developing are our front line defense in this war, as the President Trump calls it, “the unseen enemy.”

Go down into the show notes and get in touch with Dr. Dan O’Brien.

Dr. Dan, thank you again for coming on the show.


Website: www.drdanmd.com

Twitter: @drdanmd1