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IT to Full Time Artist – Paivi Eerola
3rd September 2019 • iCreateDaily Podcast • iCreateDaily Podcast
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Talk about left brain, right brain! Paivi Eerola is one of those people who can do both. From a practical career in IT, Paivi finally left that safety net to become a full time artist, and there’s been no looking back.

Tune into this interview to learn more about Paivi and…

  • how she left the IT world to return to her childhood love of doing art
  • how she uses her left/right brain background to help teach students to become better artists
  • the many online art courses she now teaches to students around the world
  • how she started with blogging and knitting in 2007
  • the biggest thing she did to grow her online business (besides starting in 2007)
  • listened to her audience to help determine her business directions
  • the realization that led her doing more live and interactive courses
  • her specialty that helps others develop their artistic nature
  • where she gets a lot of her art inspiration
  • what she calls her kind of art
  • a difference in American and Finnish art and why Paivi has more American students
  • how to create more intuitively
  • what helps creativity and what can hinder it
  • her art business and so much more!!
“When you create intuitively, it’s more about seeing what appears on the paper than trying to compare the image in your mind with the image that you’re producing.”
~Paivi Eerola, abstract intuitive artist

We hope you enjoy this interview with Paivi as much as we did. She’s a wealth of information, knowledge, and experience.



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