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James Touzel - Don't Tell People, Show People
Episode 304th May 2021 • Elevate.Together.Podcast. • Elevate Services
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In this episode, Elevate's, Stephen Allen, VP of Get Sh*t Done, talks with James Touzel, a partner in the UK law firm TLT.  James leads the Future of Law practice, a multi-disciplinary team, brought together to solve problems for clients with an emphasis on legal technology, legal transformation, and operations.

[01:30] It's about delivering the best way that you can and anticipating future client needs.

[04:38] Our collaboration with LegalSifter brought the ability to create new modules based on what clients are saying.

[07:50] You want to move quickly because like any change program, you do want to deliver on your promises.

[08:25] We’ve been looking at and helping clients with their data.

[11:00] FutureLaw is five years operationally old, we’re continuing to talk with clients about legal transformation, helping legal departments envision what their next-generation operating model should be.

[13:55] The hardest thing, is bringing people on the journey, nudging them, getting people to buy in, embrace it, and engage with it.

[16:37] The level of support that we've had to build a new team in the business was surprising.

[17:55] A number of challenger firms have become the establishment. The willingness to challenge is part of our culture.