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MicroFamous - Matt Johnson 13th February 2020
Clear & Compelling Idea
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Clear & Compelling Idea

Once we understand how influence is built, and we set out to go through the 3 Stages of Influence, our challenge is to select the ONE thing we want to be known for. The companies we admire most are based on ideas we admire, ideas we believe in, ideas we want to support and champion. At the heart of each of those businesses lives a Clear & Compelling Idea, often a guiding principle or a vision of how the world should be. A north star that guides the company, its strategy, products and services. 

Every business owner wants to follow in the footsteps of these businesses, but very often, the search for their own Clear & Compelling goes off the rails. Why should we avoid getting confusing a seemingly meaningful slogan with an Idea? What does a Clear & Compelling Idea look like in the world of influencers? On this episode, we're going to talk about one of the core concepts of MicroFamous, the Clear & Compelling Idea,  why it’s a force multiplier, and how it helps us become MicroFamous faster.