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The Media King of the North Joe Findlay returns to rule over May of 1974, 1984 & 1994!
12th May 2021 • Dueling Decades • Dueling Decades
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Dueling Decades is back with another live episode where we examine the best the month of May has to offer!  Mancrush flips through the pages of May of 1974 and finds a really big pair of….Umm,  picks!  Marc James is poppin’ and lockin’ his way through the best of May 1984.  Rounding out the field, "The Professor" Drew Zakmin is back with the best of May 1994 in another stellar repeat performance!  Behind the bench this week is the host of Miscast Commentary and the man known the world over as the  Media King of the North! (and by the world over I mean the import store in the mall) It’s The Honorable Judge Joe Findlay!

It's always fun to watch Joe work his judicial skills while simultaneously producing the show! That's right, "watch". If you didn't know, you can now WATCH the fellas on their YouTube channel ( Anyhow, in this episode, you might hear something about Clint Eastwood's cheery demeanor, the reason Marc used to carry cardboard everywhere, The Professor becomes The Repeater, Mel Garner throws his chips at Jodie Foster, the NFL gets a 15-yard penalty for thievery, Dick Clark on a pyramid of women and tiny pickles, Fonzie has to get a job, Bruce Campbell like you've never seen him, Prince giveth and taketh away, Lee Dorsey gets his Yoo-hoo Guaranteed, ganja jams that lead to optical inventions, the biggest bust to ever hit Playboy, fat boys, Holly undoes his sweater in the garage with surf wax and Jonas, and the debut of Stanley Rosiello!

Do you agree with Joe's rulings? Play at home and judge for yourself!

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