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The No Head-Trash Nation - Greg Yates EPISODE 66, 1st May 2020
EP 66 | Overcoming Fear
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EP 66 | Overcoming Fear

Overcoming fear

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Hey, it’s Greg from the No Head Trash Nation and the Effortless Author, talking about the panic of fear and why it’s more real than anything you’ve ever faced before. Today I want to break down the myth that fear can be handled in the logic center of the brain and that ‘everything’ is going to turn out ok.

I haven’t always been clear about what fear really does to me or seen the masks it wears, but let’s take a stab at it today and you can message me and tell me all the reason’s I’m wrong if you want to. I hereby give you permission. 

The truth is, I’m tired of pretending that the logic and patterns of behavior I’ve shared and taught in the past are enough to deal with it. Yes, I think in my 10 fears all leaders face book I’ve done a good job addressing them and the action steps to make you feel stupid about having them in the first place… but as time has gone on in my life and leadership, I’ve realized something INSANE…

Knowing about fear and how illogical it is, doesn’t neuter it the way I wish it did. 

Fear has done a number on me at times and no matter how righteous you’re feeling right now, it’s done the same to you. More than that, it’s eroded the confidence of the people we’re both here to help and yet they ‘buck up’ to the right words, the churchy answers and expectations because they and we know what those ‘right answers’ are… and when we speak our fears outloud they make us feel STUPID. 

If you’re like me, I’ve always felt that if I speak those fears out loud they will become real and as long as I can deny them and compress them into my subconscious head trash… they won’t come out into the light.

But that’s where it gets really interesting. The light is where they need to be!  

Fear comes to us like a secret we don’t want to share. It seems wrong to share it. Fear comes tapping on our shoulder like it’s logic and guess what happens. We try to refute it with logic. It’s like taking analog sound, converting it to digital, and wondering why it keeps playing like a scratched record in the root of our thoughts. 

Didn’t we extract that data, edit it perfectly and reingest it properly? Don’t we already know the right answers? Won’t we look stupid if we’re facing the same issue again? So we pretend. And we never get done pretending until the hot molten lava of our fear is buried under 10 inches of compacted dirt and we think it’ll never erupt again. Until it does. 

So what am I saying?

If you think I’m going to give you a magic trick or snuff out the fire of that volcano of fear, think again. 

But here’s what I know for sure and I am going to keep challenging you to deal with this because we need each other to remind us of the truth. And, by the way, I need you to remind me just as much. I’ve had listeners and readers post TRUTH that blows up my own head trash and I think… I knew that… but I also needed to hear it.  I thank you for that. 

Where was I? Oh yes… No magic trick. 

Fear is absolutely hot molten lava and until it gets out into the open, it can never be extinguished or revealed for what it really is.

Fear is opportunity.

It is absolutely opportunity. AS much as I hate it, this is the only thing that makes sense. Fear is the opportunity to build new foundational bedrock once that resistance becomes SUPPORT.  

Maybe it’s a post for another time but in the world of trading and price action, one of the most interesting things is that once a resistance level is finally broken, it almost always becomes a level of support. In other words, price will return to that level and find support to continue building. The shift of sentiment, the belief within the market itself shifts from resistance to support. 

What if that could happen with your fear?  What if the fear that’s resistance to you now could actually become support? I promise, it can only happen when you break through it. That means you have to get it out into the light. 

Never underestimate the circumstantial lies that tell you fear is to be kept in the dark. No matter how illogical, if that’s what you’re experiencing, bring it into the light with the help of your own mastermind group so you can turn it into support.  

If you don’t have a mastermind where you can thrive and be vulnerable, reach out to me and let’s talk about My Practice Zone where leaders of all areas get real in a place where we can practice the truth until it becomes the training we rely on. 

Email me. Greg@Noheadtrash.com and let’s talk about what a mastermind looks like. Stop letting fear block your success and your significance. It’s time to get past the churchy answers of fear logic and become who you were created to be.